Born 1962, I passed my photography degree in 1987. My first professional life allowed me to travel a lot and to practice my passion for photography, made of humanist features in black and white. Right on the day of my 50th birthday, I decided to reverse the priorities by spending the rest of my life solely on photography.

In 2012, I met the French master Raymond Depardon who congratulated me for my work and encouraged me. Like him, I discovered color late, and my artistic proposal is moving towards less figurative and more abstraction. I adopt the famous quote by Serge Poliakoff: Abstract art is like a big tree whose branches are moved by the winds. It allows freedom of spirit to flourish and man to express himself, free from the limits of figurative conventions”. I believe in humility and honesty, in the light-color-form-material quartet to lead me to abstraction. The instinct that creates so many voluntary accidents and the greatest sources of emotional propositions. For me the instinct is of unconscious perfection and my paintings live with conscious imperfection” Nicolas de Stael liked to think.

US collectors on the East Coast and the Chicago area are among the first to acquire my artworks. I am based in Normandy, France. I am pursuing my activity in France as well as abroad.

Project TOA – Experimental Photography : TOA is a new relationship between matter and light. At the beginning, there is an empty white space. Then colors fall from the sky. A snapshot captures this magic moment. Water flushes it all. A unique photograph records the memory forever.




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